The purpose of this initiative is to encourage classes in Catholic Schools or Religious Education to adopt a seminarian and support him through prayer and communication throughout the school year. A spiritual adoption is a pledge to pray for seminarians on their journey to fulfilling the Call of Christ to the priesthood. The path each young man has committed to embark on isn’t an easy one. It is one of self-sacrifice and humble devotion to God and others. The young men in our seminaries have taken up the challenge of duty and devotion to the Lord and his flock. 

Action Steps:

  1. Through your pastor or diocesan vocation office select a seminarian your class wants to adopt.
  2. Involve your class in the selection process.
  3. As the teacher make initial contact with the seminarian and let him know that your class is adopting him for the school year.
  4. On a regularly scheduled basis have your class write letters, notes, pictures, birthday cards, Christmas cards, Easter cards etc. Be creative. The point is for your students to communicate with him on a regular basis. This can be accomplished if you do it as a class activity.
  5. If the seminarian is available invite him to the class at some point during the year and have him share his journey of discernment. You can make this into a pizza party etc. Again, be creative.

“I want to sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart for most of all the prayers.  I haven’t met most of you in my life, but you have already made a difference in my life, in my vocation.  One day, through your prayers, through my prayers and the prayers around the world I will be able to minister and be a true, holy and loving priest.” –  Seminarian Andrew Ginter.

Rene J. Perez, Committeeman
(650) 892-3515