In 1986 the Fr. Juan Perez Award was established to honor and pay tribute to a priest from the Northern, Central and Southern California Region for their outstanding contribution to our faith formation, brotherhood, church and order

Fr. Juan Perez was the chaplain for the expedition of Christopher Columbus.  He demonstrated great courage and sacrifice to bring the Gospel to the Americas as Christopher Columbus’ Chaplain.

In 2018 the Fr. Michael J. McGivney Priest of the Year Award was instituted.  It is given out to the priest or bishop in the state that best exemplifies the qualities of Fr. Juan Perez and Fr. Michael J. McGivney. Our Order today has many priests who exhibit these qualities in their pastoral role in our order and church.

This award presents a great opportunity for your council or assembly to recognize those contributions that your chaplain, friar or other priest has made during 2021-22.

Without their participation in our fraternal Order we would cease to grow spiritually or in members.

One recipient from the Northern, Central and Southern California region will be recognized and receive the Fr. Juan Perez Award and one priest or bishop will receive the prestigious Fr. Michael J. McGivney Priest of the Year Award at the State Convention.

  • Every council and assembly have the privilege to nominate a priest or bishop that has demonstrated the qualities of these two priests through their service to your council, assembly or Our Fraternal Order.
  • An official form must be submitted from each council or assembly to the State Chairman. Entries must be postmarked by April 26.
  • The State Committee will review the applications and the two awards will be given out at the State Convention.

Qualifications are stated on the forms and careful consideration should be given by each council or assembly prior to submission to the Fr. Perez/ McGivney Award Committee.

Questions can be addressed to:

Stephen Bolton, Chairman
(714) 222-6880
Click for his History: Brief History on Fr. Juan Perez