What is it?

–A Vocation Awareness Program centered in the parish community
–A Program that involves the entire parish community
–A Program that enhances vocation awareness through family participation
–A Program that calls families to explore the possibility of a religious vocation for a family member
–A Program that involves praying for vocations by families and parish members

How It Works

  1. Each Sunday a family, couple or individual will be called forward at the Mass to receive the Pilgrim Vessel you selected to use, example,      *  Chalice, Statue, painting of a saint or religious, Crucifix or any religious article that would be appropriate for your parish.
  2. A short ceremony is conducted of less than 2 minutes.
  3. They take the vessel home with them.
  4. At home they create a place of honor to place the vessel.
  5. Per the Program Handouts they received, the pilgrims will set up a schedule to conduct a short prayer service to pray for vocations from their family and parish. This can be done as part of the meals, in the evening after dinner or even prior to bed-time.
  6. Return the pilgrim vessel the following Sunday prior to the beginning of the Mass that is used for the Pilgrim Service.


 How Do We Get Started?

–Contact the parish pastor
–Explain the program and its purpose
–Offer to organize and administer the program

Action Steps after approval from Pastor

  1. Select a vessel to be used in the program
    *  Chalice, Statue, Painting of a saint or religious, Crucifix or any religious article that would be appropriate for your parish
  1. Organize a committee to oversee the program
  2. Set up the Sundays and the Masses for the pilgrimage to be started on a regular scheduled basis.
  3. Determine the frequency of the pilgrimage
  4. Introduce the program to the parish, through bulletin announcements, pulpit announcements, parish web site, handouts, set aside an evening for introduction and kickoff, involve other parish ministries.
  5. Put together a packet to be distributed to each family who will participate on their assigned Sundays.
  6. Select the first pilgrim family.
  7. Set the date for the kickoff of the program.
  8. Begin the program.


St. Vincent the Pilgrim Vessel Vocation Program Model

Family Receiving the Vessel