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State Council sponsored Spiritual Retreats are held annually during Lent.

All State Officers, PSDs, Chapter Officers, State Committeemen, District Deputies, Council Officers, Sir Knights and ALL BROTHERS are invited and urged to attend one of the three 2019 State Council retreats listed below. As a Knight of Columbus, you should take some time out to attend. Here are the reasons why:

  • To break your “routine” and to relax your body and
  • To spend a Lenten weekend away from your cares and frustrations.
  • To spend some silent time to hear the Voice of
  • To discover the “important” things and to re-examine the priorities in your
  • To pray for your family, friends and for
  • To pray for the Knights of Columbus, our brothers and for the success of our

The State Council retreats are designed to offer you the opportunity to take out a new lease on life, to concentrate on what is important and to get a much-needed rest during a very special weekend. After that you’ll be able to return to your home and family with a freshened mind and body. Think about it, put the retreat on your calendar and don’t let anything interfere with your plans to attend a wonderful religious experience with your Brother Knights.

All Knights in leadership positions are urged to attend a State Council retreat. Please keep a record of this attendance to report it as part of your council’s Church Activities Program. If your council participates in an annual retreat at another time, or if your members now attend a regular scheduled retreat with their own parish group, keep a record of that attendance and include it in your annual report. Each Council should have at least one representative at a State Council retreat.

Councils should consider offering financial assistance to any Brother who wishes to attend a retreat but is unable to afford the registration fee. Some of the retreat centers can also help. Contact the Retreat Center, or the K of C coordinator, for additional details.

Ross W. Willour, Chairman