Vocations to the priesthood is a very important matter for our Church and the Knights of Columbus.  Without priests, we have no Church.  Without the Church, there is no need for Knights.  The following activities should seriously be considered by each Chapter:

  1. All Knights should be encouraged to pray for vocations and seminarians. Each council and chapter meetings should open with a prayer for vocations.  Adoration programs should include vocations as a major intention.
  2. Each council should ask their Pastor what they can do to encourage vocations in their parish. Each chapter should have a vocations chair and the chapter should work with the Diocese Vocation Director in promoting vocations.
  3. Each council is encouraged to support seminarians through the RSVP
  4. Each chapter or council within the chapter should sponsor an annual vocations dinner.

The primary purpose is to promote vocations to our youth and young men and women who are interested in becoming a priest or furthering their spiritual growth with God.  The secondary purpose is to raise money for vacations.


O Lord, Jesus, I love you and I am very happy to know you and your Father.  I appreciate the love you have shown me and to those I love.  I love this life and thank you for the talents that you have given me, including the judgement to use those gifts in a way that is pleasing to you. For this, please lead me to a life providing happiness to others and leading them closer to you.  I pray that the Holy Spirit will bless me with the graces to recognize your plans for my life and the courage to pursue them.  Mary, Mother of God, pray for us.

Richard S. Jarrett, Chairman North Rod Olquin, Chairman Central M. David Ramos, Chairman South
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