David Mulqueeney 2018-2019 CHAIRMAN

Family of the Month

As Knights of Columbus, we have always been interested in the development of strong, vibrant families. To support this philosophy and create an even greater awareness of our many fine Knights of Columbus families, the Supreme Council instituted the “Family of the Month” program in 1978. Since that time, the “Family of the Month” program has grown to be one of the Order’s most successful programs.

To participate in the program, your council must first select a member and his family as the “Family of the Month” using the guidelines explained below. Then, complete and submit the corresponding “Family of the Month” report form (available here via PDF or submit online). A copy must be sent to the State Chairman.

On the 15th day of each month — from August through July — 100 “Family of the Month” reporting forms will be drawn at random from among all entries received at the Supreme Council office for the previous month. Each of the 100 selected families will receive a beautiful Holy Family gift, along with a personal letter of congratulations from Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson. These items will be sent directly to the families at their home addresses. Completed council forms must reach the Supreme Council office by the 15th day of the month following the month designated on each individual report form. Dates for reporting are specified below.

The “Family of the Month” program is an excellent way to recognize and support council families. Participate in the program and each month a brother Knight and his family from your council will receive local honors and the chance to be a Supreme Council selection!



Each council should establish a committee charged with the responsibility of selecting a “Family of the Month” each month. Set up guidelines to help your committee choose the most deserving council family for this honor. Listed below are some suggestions that may prove helpful to your committee.

  1. Committees should be made up of members who know many of the council families and who want to support family life.
  2. Committee members should interview parish priests, neighbors, council members, etc., to get recommendations, references and evaluations concerning council families. They should also speak directly to the families considered.
  3. The committee should consider the following factors in their search for a “Family of the Month:”


  • Has the family made significant contributions to the Church, community and/or council?
  • Does the family enjoy one another?
  • Does the family share experiences?
  • Does the family communicate openly and honestly?
  • Does the family pray and attend Mass together?
  • Does the family spend its time together interacting instead of in front of the television set?
  1. The “Family of the Month” committee doesn’t need to seek out a “super family” each month. The committee should look for a family that lives traditional Christian family values and deserves recognition for doing so.

Be sure your council honors the family chosen “Family of the Month.” Invite the entire family to a meeting to receive the council’s “Family of the Month” award. The Supreme Council office has a full-color “Family of the Month” certificate (#1843) available for presentation. The certificate is 8½” x 11” and may be obtained from the Supreme Council Supply Department. “Family of the Month” certificate (#1843)


Selection Deadlines

State and Supreme Council Selection Deadlines

July Family — August 15
August Family — September 15
September Family — October 15
October Family — November 15
November Family — December 15
December Family — January 15
January Family — February 15
February Family — March 15
March Family — April 15
April Family — May 15
May Family — June 15
June Family — July 15


Family of the Year

Each year, those councils participating in the “Family of the Month” program should also select a “Family of the Year.”

When selecting your council’s “Family of the Year,” follow guidelines similar to those used by the committee in choosing each “Family of the Month.” Usually the “Family of the Year” is chosen from those families named “Family of the Month” in the preceding twelve months. Your judging committee should consider whether each family has continued to exemplify the traits of a solid Knights of Columbus family. Determine which council family stands above the rest in promotion of the principles of our Church and our Order. Which family can best be called the “model” family for all in the council to follow? In every aspect of service to the Church, community and council, as well as to each other, which family most deserves the title, “Family of the Year”?

Your council’s “Family of the Year” should also receive a fitting tribute. To help you honor your “Family of the Year,” the Supreme Council office makes available a full-color “Family of the Year” certificate (#1843A). The certificate measures 8½” x 11” and is signed by Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson. Certificates are available from the Supreme Council Supply Department.

The California State Council will conduct a statewide “Family of the Year” competition. The Supreme Council’s “International Family of the Year” will be chosen from among the state and provincial winners. Once your council selects a “Family of the Year,” use the “Family of the Year” Entry Form found here to enter that family into the California State Council competition. The nominations must be received by the State Chairman no later than March 15, 2019. Be sure to choose and enter your council winner in time for the California State Council competition.

“Family of the Year” certificate (#1843A)