The Knights of Columbus is committed to ending hunger in local communities by asking local Councils (including Assemblies, Squire Circles, and Chapters) to participate in the Order-wide Food for Families Program.

Hunger is not just a Third-World problem. In each of our communities there are people going with little or no food daily. Each year in many Councils, we have Brother Knights who for some reason experience difficult financial challenges resulting in food shortages for their families.

The Knights of Columbus Food for Families Reimbursement Program was established in 2012. Under this program, local Knights of Columbus councils and assemblies make contributions of money and/or food to a community food bank or parish food pantry. For every $500 or 1,000 pounds of food contributed, the council or assembly is eligible for a refund of $100 from the Supreme Council. The maximum refund a council or assembly can receive is $500 per fraternal year.

Reimbursement must be applied for prior to June 30th of the fraternal year during which contributions were made.

As resources permit, councils and assemblies may provide support to multiple food banks and/or food pantries. The minimum contribution to qualify for a refund is $500 or 1,000 pounds of food for each food bank/food pantry supported.

In addition to a refund for contributions, councils and assemblies are also eligible to receive a Food for Families plaque (and, in successive years, date plates signifying years of participation) in recognition of manpower support provided to food banks and food pantries. There is no minimum number of volunteers or hours to qualify for your plaque and/or sticker.


Food for Families report form (#10057) should be submitted to Supreme anytime between July 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021 as long as your Council or Assembly has donated the minimum of 1000 lbs. of food and/or a $1000 donation. Please submit forms totaling number of pounds donated, whether you attain the target goals or not by June 30. Timely reporting by Councils, Assemblies, and/or Squire Circles will ensure that Supreme can continue to maintain an accurate count of pounds donated by California.

Participating Councils/Assemblies/Circles can qualify to receive an attractive plaque by reporting activity in the program on the Food for Families Reimbursement Program Form (#10057) to the Supreme Council.

Forms can be sent electronically to ; ;  and your District Deputy.

Forms may also be sent by U.S. Mail with copies to:

  • Knights of Columbus Department of Fraternal Mission 1 Columbus Plaza New Haven, CT 06510-3326
  • Knights of Columbus California State Council Food for Families Report Forms PO Box 2649 West Covina, CA 91793



  • Meet as a Council, discuss the needs in your parish and community, and establish a commitment to run a Food for Families Program.
  • With this commitment in place, assign a Council Program Chairman.
  • Recruit Councils members to support the needs of your community.
  • Draft an Operating Plan, Food for Families Program that the Council can support. Do not over-commit which may lead to failure and discouragement.
  • Based on the needs of your parish or local community, contact your local parish food pantry, community food bank, shelters, or soup kitchen to ensure they will be able to receive food donations and inquire if they have any specific needs.
  • Obtain permission from the appropriate person (pastor, business owner(s), etc.) to set up the food drive at the church or store and to display posters. There are many creative programs developed by Brother Knights throughout California. Please be willing to share your operating plans with your Brother Knights.
  • Ask nearby retail stores for empty boxes so there is a place to store donations.
  • If the council is conducting the Food Drive at the parish, have flyers available for distribution or placed in the pews announcing the details of the Food Drive.
  • Ask the pastor for permission to make an announcement before or after Mass about the Food Drive.
  • Be sure to include a written announcement in the parish bulletin.
  • For monetary donations, be sure to have a secure receptacle in the collection area for cash and checks.

For additional information on the Food for Families Program, please contact your State Food for Families Representatives. We are here for you!

Jacob S. Billeter, Chairman Carlos I. Cuellar, Committeeman
(626) 241-4695

(619) 670-6121