Today families are facing many trials and personal challenges that are part of family life. Families have overcome these struggles through love and joy. This joy is made stronger through the truth and peace they have found in Christ.

In 2017 Supreme Chaplain Archbishop William Lori composed a prayer which bring families together to consecrate themselves under the protection of the Holy Family. All Knights of Columbus council should invite families within their parish to offer this prayer of Consecration to the Holy Family at all Masses on the first Sunday after Christmas. This day is traditionally celebrated as the feast of the Holy Family. Our hope is that this prayer will make our families stronger and rejuvenate our parishes. 

How To Begin

  • Meet with your pastor to discuss the significance of every family offering this prayer of family consecration. Request his permission to distribute the Consecration to the Holy Family prayer cards at Masses on the first Sunday after Christmas, if possible. Choose an alternate Sunday if needed.
  • Discuss with your pastors and chaplains the best way to share how the Holy Family serves as an ideal model for the families in your parish. They may just simply want to explain this teaching in their homilies or sermons. Some may want the council to invite a guest speaker to the parish.
  • Your Financial Secretary can order the Consecration to Holy Family prayer cards (form 103711) from the Supreme Council. Order an ample supply of prayer cards to share with every family in your parish. Have the council and ushers distribute them before each Mass.
  • Have the parish family recite the Consecration to the Holy Family together on the first Sunday after Christmas, the Feast of the Holy Family. The celebrant should ask all those present to make the act of consecration together after the closing prayer and before the final blessing.


J.C Greco, Chairman
(916) 769-6414

1 Consecration to The Holy Family prayer card #10371