Keep the True Meaning of Christmas Present in Council Holiday Activities

At Christmas we honor the birth of Jesus Christ. At times our Savior is forgotten in the commercialization of the season and the rush to get ready for holiday festivities. Each year the Knights of Columbus takes a leading role in reminding society that Christmas is first and foremost a Holy Day. One of the best ways to do this is participating in the Order’s “Keep Christ in Christmas” campaign. Here are some things Councils and Circles can do to promote the birth of Christ  as the focus of the Christmas season.  The previous explanation  and  much of the forthcoming information has been transcribed from the Supreme Website and the Surge with a Service Booklet. For more information, please visit the Supreme Website or Surge with a Service Booklet under Church Activities.

  • Participate in the Order-wide “Light Up For Christ” program to help share the light of the Advent season with your Council and Community.
  • Create your own Advent Calendar of actions you can take each day to bring you closer to Promote Advent wreaths in your Council bulletin as a means for families to mark the time of preparation for the coming celebration of Christ’s birth.
  • Sponsor a “Keep Christ in Christmas” billboard that depicts the Holy Family and the campaign’s Each year,

          Councils and circles throughout the Order display thousands of these billboards.

  • Urge all members to display a nativity scene on their property or at their place of business if they can.
  • Sponsor a “Keep Christ in Christmas” poster or essay contest for Display winning posters in the church vestibule, school hallways or your Council’s meeting place during the holidays. Essays could be read during Mass and at a Council sponsored event or published in local newspapers.
  • Submit a “Keep Christ in Christmas” advertisement for publication in your parish bulletin or Council Order “Keep Christ in Christmas” printed materials available from the Supreme Council Supply Department
  • “Jesus is the Reason for the Season” – Order lapel pins, ornaments, novelties from the Autom Catholic catalog:



  • Buy Christmas  cards  with  religious  themes  and  “Keep  Christ  in  Christmas”  car    For  more

information, contact Steve Sykes: Tel: (951) 232-4610

  • Plan at least one Council sponsored event during December for members and their This could be a food or clothing drive, the praying of the Rosary or singing Christmas carols.
  • Conduct a Christmas Posada with your family and your Knights of Columbus Order “The Posada”

booklet from Supreme Supply Catalog; Item #9898-E,S,F19.

  • Contact your local firefighters or Marine Corps and have your Council sponsor a “Toys for Tots”
  • Organize a parish Nativity play with children from the parish or local Catholic
  • Combine the Coats for Kids program with the Keep Christ in Christmas campaign by giving your coats away just prior to Christmas with a Christmas message attached to each
  • Your priests are very busy during the Christmas Have your council either take your priests out to dinner or give each a gift card to a good restaurant in your area.
  • Resist the temptation, even when you’re in a rush or short notice to abbreviate “Christmas” as “Xmas.”

The Best Presents Can’t Be Wrapped

This Holiday season give the gift of yourself within your Council, community and family. Give these or similar presents of friendship, understanding, kindness, love and compassion.

  • Serve or prepare meals at a soup kitchen.
  • Visit or bring presents to children, military personnel or elderly people in the Visit someone who is a shut-in.
  • Send a Christmas card to someone you have not seen or talked to in Invite a friend or neighbor who will be alone to share your Christmas celebration
  • Get the family together to clean out all closets and Donate usable clothing, shoes, blankets and other items to a program for needy families.
  • Send care packages to military personnel stationed
  • Supply baby clothes, diapers, car seats or cradles to underprivileged Have your Council sponsor a family or families in need.
  • Sponsor a drive for children to donate their old toys to

Be a part of the Holiday spirt by undertaking one or more of the items listed above and help make Christmas Merry for someone else and yourself.

David P. Waage, Chairman
(805) -588-8124