As a result of the coronavirus, millions of people have lost their jobs.  It may be months or longer before they can return to work and earn a living wage. Knights are urged to help provide the “daily bread” for their neighbors.

The Supreme Council has launched an initiative to address this hunger crisis.  The Knights of Columbus Leave No Neighbor Behind Fund will financially support food banks in areas most impacted by the coronavirus.

Our Councils can directly participate in this initiative by:

  • Donating Funds to the Knights of Columbus International Effort
  • Donating Funds to a Local Food Bank or Pantry
  • Collecting and Distributing Food for a Food Bank or Pantry
  • Checking on shut-ins from your council or parish and provide them with essentials they are missing. Leave No Neighbor Behind will be Featured Program in 2020-2021.

Report your activities with the Leave No Neighbor Behind Survey at and complete the Report Form (#10784) and the Columbian Award Application (#SP-7).

SK Bill J. Schafer, Temporary Chairman
(714) 333-6075