Past Supreme Knight Carl Anderson has stated the example & advice of St Mother Teresa should be imitated & followed by the Knights.

Mother Teresa said her order grew when she and all her nuns made a holy hour of Eucharistic Adoration every day instead of once a week. So will the Knights grow in membership and holiness when we make Eucharistic Adoration on the forefront of our lives.

Carl Anderson stated: “Although the world praised Mother Teresa for feeding the poor and bandaging the sick, secular media often ignored the only part of her day that was absolutely consistent and, in her view, vital—the hour shed spent, every single day, in Eucharistic Adoration.”

Carl Anderson has made it clear that the goals of St John Paul II should be made reality.  St John Paul II called for “the establishment of perpetual Eucharistic Adoration in all parishes and Christian communities throughout the world.”  He also stated: “We Knights are providentially positioned to take up the challenge of a leadership role in the renewal of parish life . . .we must reach out into more parishes with an active presence.

Mother Teresa declared that “if every parish in the United States offered three hours of Eucharistic Adoration each day, abortion would end.”

When we Knights become champions of Eucharistic Adoration, all heaven will rejoice.

There are many ways and levels to do this.  If causing heaven to rejoice interests you and your Council, let’s talk about it.

Chairman Steve Lovison

(714) 943-1038