Events include High School Retreats, Religious Education Conferences Youth Days, Steubenville University Youth Events, Walk for Life Youth Rallies.

Check with your local diocese for possible support and participation.

Steubenville Event in San Diego


Throughout the entire conference the California Knights of Columbus Pop-Up Vocation Booth was available to all the conference participants.  The booth was manned by Knights and their wives, Religious Sisters, an occasional Priest and some seminarians.  

Miracle at the Booth:  There was a young lady who came by and shared that she had not been to confession since her first communion.  She said she wanted to go but was hesitant, reluctant and somewhat afraid of what the priest might say to her.  All those working at the booth at the time told her not to be afraid and that Jesus would be there at her side.  They told her that they would pray the Rosary for her to gain the confidence and strength she needed to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  A short time later the workers at the booth found time to pray the Rosary together for this young girl’s strength.  About two hours later she came back by the booth and personally thanked everyone and proclaimed that she was treated with dignity and felt so cleansed and renewed after completing her confession.

Gratitude from Conference Participants:  Thousands of conference participants stopped by the booth and their questions about church vocations and other topics were discussed.  Lots of resources were given out to help them to be open to discovering the vocation they are being called too.  Everyone who stopped by was grateful that the Knights of Columbus cared that much about them that they would take the time to be there throughout the conference.