1. All resolutions, petitions, recommendations and proposed amendments to the State Council By-Laws must be submitted in writing and received by the State Advocate (care of the State Office) no later than February 1, 2019 who shall refer them to the Resolutions Committee. The State Advocate shall, forty-five (45) days prior to the Annual Meeting in May, furnish via mail to the subordinate councils, two copies (one for each voting delegate) of the resolutions received by him with the Resolutions Committee’s recommendations.

2. Any resolution submitted after the submission deadline (February 1, 2019), may be considered on the floor of the convention, if such resolution: Has the approval of a majority of the members of the Resolutions Committee AND, Is supported for presentation to the delegates by a two-thirds vote of the convention delegates. These late resolutions will be considered by the Resolutions Committee if received any time before the start of the Resolutions Committee meeting on the day proceeding the opening session of the Convention. Late resolutions will not be accepted if they involve finances, as the A & F Committee will not have time to consider it. Late Resolutions should include written justification for late submittal. There will not be verbal arguments presented to the Committee.

3. Individual members may not submit resolutions to the Annual Meeting. Resolutions may only be submitted by a Council or the State Officers as a group. Additionally, a State Director or State Committeeman may submit resolutions on matters that relate only to the activities of the Director or Committee, if approved by the State Deputy.

4. In order to avoid a huge number of congratulatory resolutions, it is suggested to limit these to multiples of 25 years (i.e., 25, 50, 75 years, etc.) unless there is good cause for an exception.

5. No resolutions involving finance shall be considered at the annual meeting, unless submitted to the State Advocate as prescribed in item 1 above. Upon receipt of resolutions involving finance, the State Advocate shall immediately provide copies to the Chairman of the Administrative and Finance Committee. The Administrative and Finance Committee shall then provide advance notice to the State Advocate of the amount of increase or decrease on the Per Capita Tax if such resolution is adopted.

6. All Council resolutions MUST: a) Show the DATE the resolution was adopted. b) Have the SIGNATURE of both the GRAND KNIGHT AND THE RECORDER. c) Have the SEAL of the Council.

Resolutions must be presented in their ORIGINAL FORMS ONLY – NO FAX OR COPIES.

To avoid typographical errors in retyping resolutions, it is strongly recommended that an electronic copy of the resolution be sent to and

Mail to:
California State Council Office
PO Box 2649
West Covina, CA  91793-2649

Click here for a SAMPLE RESOLUTION