State Service Program Director’s Message

Worthy California Knights,

I am honored to have been asked by Brother Noel Panlilio to serve as the California State Service Programs Director for the 2021-2022 Columbian Year. I hope each of you, whether returning to a
position you have been holding or as a new member of our team, is equally honored to serve the California State Council. Together, as we emerge from this global pandemic, WE SHALL RISE AGAIN! As the State Council, as Knights, as Catholics and as men, we shall rise again!

As I write this, it seems that our year of restrictions on worship, gathering and even helping our friends, family and community is on the verge of ending. We shall rise to meet the new challenges and get back to the fun of being Knights of Columbus. I see a time on the horizon where we can jump back into our Programs mindset of doing things for others.

What better way to follow the Holy Father’s launch of the “Year of the Family” than by participating in the Faith in Action programs laid out by the  Supreme Council and as detailed here in the Program Activities Handbook. Each of the four Program Activities areas, Faith, Family, Community and Life, offer many suggestions to celebrate, support and strengthen the family unit. In the Faith Program area, we grow our spiritual family with prayer and devotion with the RSVP and Into the Breach activities. In Family Activities, we grow our personal families with prayer and respect. In Community
Activities, we grow and strengthen our Council families, our Parish families, and our community families by reaching out to all people in need. Helping through disaster, personal struggles, or being
role models to our youth communities. And through our Live Activities Programs, we aid and support the most vulnerable, the families yet to be!

Last year, the Program Activities Team created an initiative called the “Program of the Month”. This initiative encouraged all councils to participate in monthly designated programs to help focus Councils and members on the many Faith in Action Programs. We will continue the “Program of the Month” this year, each month focusing on an appropriate activity each month based on both the liturgical calendar and our own calendar of events. By using this focus and wearing our Knights of Columbus name badges, we shall rise again. With this visibility, we will strengthen our Councils and increase our membership. I honestly believe that happy, smiling Knights, working together, encourage other Catholic men to want to join.

The Supreme Council has removed the “required programs activities” for the Star Council Award. Each Program Activities category continues to have four featured programs (listed in blue) which will count as two credits towards the 16 credits needed to achieve the Columbian award.

Finally, remember our commitment to our youth and study and comply with the requirements of the Knights of Columbus Safe Environment program. There are council officer and director positions that must complete safe environment training, some also require a background check. These trainings are all online and haven’t we had a year to perfect working online? If we rally together, we shall rise again!

State Goals
  Youth Essay


James Hart
State Programs Director, 2021-2022
California State Council