State Service Program Director’s Message

Congratulations on your elections/appointments as Chapter, District and Council leaders. It is an honor and a privilege to be your Service Program Director for the State of California for the 2020-2021 Columbian year. Together, united as a team, we achieve great things. The sky is the limit and the one thing you will hear over and over this year is, Be Bold and Be Proud of Who You Are and What You Are!

Our common bond is our devotion to the Catholic faith and our brotherhood in Christ. We have joined together to help one another become better Catholics, find fellowship with like-minded men and help those in need. We place a special emphasis on charity, the first principle of the Order. Through our faith- based programs, we help our pastors and build the domestic church, our families.

Faith in action is our program model. The Faith In Action programs create unique opportunities that help men and their families to live out their commitment to the Catholic faith. There is something in there for everyone. Find your passion, make it yours and make a difference.

This year we are implementing a new program initiative called the “Program of the Month”. We encourage all councils to participate in the Program of the Month and by doing so you will be entrenched in the Order’s faith-based programs of the Faith in Action program model.

Take note that last year’s Supreme “required programs” will not be required for Star Council Award in 2020-2021. Your Council should still focus on the featured programs (in blue) which will count as two credits towards the Columbian award. This year we have introduced even more featured programs.

Become a protector of our children by having all the necessary officers and directors complete safe environment training and if necessary background checks. This year we will have a Safe Environment Director that can assist and help guide you.

Remember, successful councils ALWAYS wear their council attire whenever on parish grounds. Let the parish know we exist. Let them witness Knights in Action. Be BOLD, be PROUD.

Faith in action is exactly that. It’s helping Father, serving at Mass, promoting regular rosary prayer services, it’s walking for life, providing ultrasounds, providing wheelchairs and feeding the Special Olympic Athlete. It’s the spiritual fulfillment of supporting our priests and bishops.

Brothers in this time of pandemic let’s Be Bold and Be Proud of Who and What We Are! Always help Father with keeping the Church’s masses running smoothly, even if it has to be outside. Focus on what we can do this year, not on what we can’t do.  Thank you and may God bless you!


James Larson
(562) 552-5494
State Programs Director, 2020-2021
California State Council
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Be BOLD!  Be a CAN DO council!
Be Proud of who you are and what you are!!
P.O. Box 2649,West Covina, CA 91793
(562) 552-5494