Council Activities is composed of four essential activities:  Yearbook, Council Bulletin, Fraternal Activities, and Columbus and Founders Day. All four programs work in tandem with one another to ensure the overall success of the Service Program.

During Columbian Year 2017-2018, not only will we execute the four essential programs, we will continue our support and commitment to the building of the Domestic Church while strengthening our parish participation.¬†¬† This too will prove to be a critical activity for all Councils as we renew and strengthen our relationship and commitment to our Church and the various ministries.¬† Furthermore, to underscore our commitment to our faith and responsibilities as Catholic gentlemen, we will call upon all councils to recite the Father Michael J. McGivney prayer at the conclusion of each council meeting.¬† This will increase the spirituality in our councils and further strengthen God’s presence in our daily work as Brother Knights.

Yearbook – A Documented Time Frame of a Council’s Success

A council’s yearbook plays an important role in a council’s success.¬† It documents the historical participation within their own community and council.¬† More importantly, the yearbook plays is a critical tool for the next generation of Chair Officers to review and properly plan their calendars to improve the council activities during their new term.¬† Be sure to display the yearbooks at membership drives and council social activities.¬†¬†¬†

Council Bulletin – A Path of Information to Its Members

There are many councils who have a monthly publication sent to their membership each month.¬†¬† Unfortunately, we don’t know this because many don’t submit their bulletins for consideration of an award during the State Convention.¬† But if a council does not have a monthly publication, contact the Bulletin Chairman.¬† He will help guide you with the simple steps of creating such a publication and partner you with a council with a successful monthly bulletin.

Fraternal Activities – A Council’s Responsibilities to Their Members

Here, we have a great opportunity to make our new members feel welcomed and enjoy being part of a large family of Catholic gentlemen.  This in turn will generate more members and allow the Order to grow in a positive manner.  Fraternal Activities also plays a vital role in documenting our activities with both State and Supreme Offices as it relates to man hours and funds raised for charity.  Submitting the Annual Survey of Fraternal Activities is a must.

Columbus and Founders Day Program РRemembering Our Foundation  

Founders Day is March 29th of each year, and Columbus Day will be celebrated on October 9, 2017.  Both dates are excellent opportunities to open our doors to new members and continue to live out the original visions of our founder.  Also, councils can take this opportunity to conduct an Induction Ceremony and bring in new members.

Special Olympics – Helping Those Who Are Indeed Special To All

Special Olympics is indeed a very special program within the Council Activities. Here, the California Team will be divided between two regions, Northern California and Southern California.  Each region will have a chairman to help with the single goal; to help raise over $200,000 during Columbian Year 2017-2018 for the athletes participating with Special Olympics.

Domestic Church While Strengthening Our Parish – God’s Work at Its Best

The Domestic Church Initiative will give a great opportunity to be involved and participate with the various activities that promote the New Evangelization, strengthen our parishes, and grow our Order.

Safe Environment Program – Protecting Our Children

As we look to strengthen our families, we too look to protect the innocent children of each family as well.  The Safe Environment Program makes it a high priority to protect the safety and wellbeing of our children in all programs and activities.   Councils need to ensure your leadership team has registered and taken the Safe Environment Program so all will have the knowledge of how to protect our children from sexual predators and take proper actions when the need arises.

John Giltner
Council Activities
California State Chairman